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Afterhours, Weekends, Holidays

Rx Courier will meet your courier needs 24/7/365. Give us a call anytime. We'll handle your critical evening, weekend, and holiday deliveries. When others won't we will.

Scheduled Routing

If you have a need for recurring deliveries we have excellent plans for you. Discount Tier Pricing on Routine Contracts. Convenient EFT payment options. Weeklong Customer Service and care.

Designated Carrier

Did one of your company drivers just call in sick and you have no one to replace them?  Never fear, our designated carrier service can provide you with a carrier for as little as just four hours or for a certain duration. 


Our medical deliveries are done with quickness and care. When there's a life threatening emergency Rx Courier takes extraordinary steps to meet your immediate delivery needs. We rally all our troops to make sure these orders are given the absolute highest priority.


You're never left in the dark. Place your order online or over the phone and you'll be able to track the package all the way to its destination. By email, we can provide you with real time delivery information and proof of pick-up and or delivery

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